Snoring is a natural phenomenon. About half of the world’s population snores at some time or the other. Some people snore occasionally while others are habitual snorers. There are other symptoms that accompany snoring and some health complications when it is due to pathological causes.

About half the men snore. Some women snore but to a much lesser degree. It is when the snoring is very loud that it indicates there could be an underlying health problem, which needs to be investigated.


Snoring can be mild or severe. People with mild or occasional snoring sleep well and feel refreshed when they get up the next morning.

However, it is the people with severe snoring who have to find out the cause of why they snore so loudly because health complications ensue, which are life-threatening and can cause premature deaths in such people.

Besides, the symptom of loud snoring, there are other telltale signs.

  • Several periods of cessation of breathing with subclinical periods of wakefulness are the hallmark symptoms of loud snoring caused by obstructive sleep apnea. Such episodes can happen hundreds of times during a single night. This deprives the person of proper sleep.
  • There is excessive daytime sleepiness due to sleep deprivation during the night
  • The person experiences difficulty concentrating due to mental fatigue
  • Morning headaches are prevalent
  • The person may feel a sore throat upon awakening due to snoring, which can occur due to mouth breathing
  • Restless sleep
  • Gasping or choking at night. The patient wakes up several times at night in order that he be able to breathe, which causes him to gasp.
  • Chest pain at night due to the strained respiratory effort caused by laborious breathing
  • Your snoring is so loud it disrupts your partner’s sleep. This can lead to relationship issues.
  • In children, such a mental state of improper sleep can lead to behavioral issues or poor performance in school.

Snoring is known to cause lack of sleep and this sleep deprivation can cause certain complications, which can impact your health.

Complications of snoring

Effects of snoring are mild initially but can cause serious complications on your body health if you do not take steps to control it.

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness due to inadequate deep sleep during the night
  • Poor memory, forgetfulness, and difficulty in concentration leading to poor performance at work and in school (in case of children)
  • Insomnia, which can again cause its further complications if not treated
  • Higher risk of developing depression
  • Lack of interest in sex and erectile dysfunction (male impotence)
  • Increased risk of accidents while driving or operating machinery, due to lack of sleep causing increased daytime sleepiness
  • Snoring also disrupts the sleep hours of your bed partner, which can affect a relationship

More serious snoring effects on health

Snoring dangers your health and these can be quite serious, especially when snoring is loud, which could be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea.

A very loud snorer must, therefore, seek the help of the sleep specialist, who will do a sleep study and guide him through the various options of treatment.