To quit smoking, hypnosis has been used with an effective success rate. Its effectiveness is not cent percent but with a little help of a strong willpower, you can call it probably the most effective way to quit smoking.

This has been confirmed by the New Scientist Magazine in the report of a study in 1992.

Hypnosis can also be combined with nicotine therapy such as the use of nicotine gums and nicotine patches to make it easier and more effective to quit smoking. Hypnosis probably forms the most successful smoking cessation aid.

What is hypnosis and how does it work?

A little knowledge of hypnosis is in order to help you understand how it helps you to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness, which involves concentrated attention and a reduced awareness of the surrounding. There is also an enhanced power to respond to an outside suggestion.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, which is used to make suggestions directly to the subconscious mind by bypassing the conscious mind. In a normal state of mind, this is not possible.

Our subconscious mind has been associating smoking with pleasure. Hypnosis alters this conditioning of the subconscious mind and instills the need to quit smoking.

The hypnotist is able to make suggestions that are readily accepted by the hypnotized mind.

This makes it a little easier to quit smoking now that the barrier of the subconscious is lowered. However, it is still necessary to exercise willpower.

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

You can use smoking cessation hypnotherapy to stop smoking in three ways:

1) Self Hypnosis to quit smoking

Here you hypnotize yourself and appeal to your subconscious. Hypnosis audio programs for use at home have become popular because of convenience and in many cases can be as effective as seeing the therapist in person. They are also far more affordable.

You could do this with the help of certain hypnosis aids such as CDs, tapes, etc.

This requires time to master and a longer period is required for results. Smoking cessation hypnotherapy by this method may show limited results.

2) Quitting smoking with help of a hypnotherapist

Smoking cessation hypnotherapy with the help of a competent quit smoking hypnotist can give good results. It is very important that you do some research and identify a trained, certified and experienced quit smoking hypnotherapist.

Usually, one session of hypnotherapy is suggested, but in some cases, more hypnosis sessions may be necessary for desired results.

3) Combination of the above

Quitting smoking with hypnosis can also be practiced by combining the above two methods. After a session with the quit smoking hypnotherapist, you can continue using the self-hypnosis method by listening to tapes and CDs in your home.

A lot of your success rate will depend on your quit smoking hypnotist. Do a little research and be sure you engage a good qualified and experienced hypnotherapist for your quitting program.

Success rate

Success rates for quitting smoking with various methods are given below. These statistics clearly indicate that quitting smoking with hypnosis is the most successful method.

  • Stopping smoking on your own — success rate is 2% to 5%
  • Stopping smoking with nicotine replacement therapy – 25%
  • Stopping smoking with non-nicotine medication such as Zyban – 25%
  • According to quick smoking support, quitting smoking with hypnosis is very effective and yields a success rate of up to 66%. The rider is that you should be doing it correctly with a well-qualified hypnotist.

Cost and duration of hypnotherapy

In the United States, on an average, a professional hypnotist with experience of over ten years would charge $200 per hour, but the cost varies from region to region and among the different hypnotists. The more qualified and experienced tend to charge more and deliver better results.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking may involve a single two-hour long session or maybe two, in which case it works out to $400. It is for the hypnotherapist to decide after he has studied your addiction habit.

Bottom line summary

Smoking is an addictive disease and needs a psychological cure. That you should quit smoking is essential because of its dangers to health

To get the best results, using hypnotism to stop smoking becomes necessary in view of its high success rate. Choosing the right quit smoking hypnotherapist is important.

Availing of other methods in addition, such as nicotine replacement therapy and stop smoking programs makes your success that much more definite.

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