That herpes cannot be cured is a fact. You, therefore, look for alternative treatments. However, natural remedies for herpes, which you can try at home, do help in containing the herpes infection.

The herpes simplex virus (HSV), which causes the herpes infection, stays lodged in the nerves of the body lifelong even when you are in the asymptomatic period – that is without its symptoms.

HSV type 1 causes oral herpes and HSV type 2 causes genital herpes. In both types, the patient suffers from pain and discomfort during the outbreak.

The virus lodges in the sensory nerves of the sacral nerve in the case of genital herpes and in the trigeminal nerve in the case of oral herpes. There are certain complications that the herpes virus can cause and the aim of any treatment, whether allopathic or natural, is:

  • To keep low the severity of herpes infection outbreaks,
  • Keep recurrences of herpes to the minimum and
  • Increase the immunity of the body, which will also help to prevent recurrent herpes infections.

Herpes outbreaks keep on recurring. It is, therefore, important to know what causes herpes and the factors that can trigger a herpes outbreak. You should avoid these factors because otherwise, no treatment will work.

Then, there are certain measures that you must follow, which will prevent you from getting herpes and its outbreaks.

Natural remedies for herpes

  • Among the herbal remedies, the Echinacea plant helps by strengthening the body’s immune system and helps ward off infection. Its tincture preparation is available and you should take ¼ teaspoon of it thrice a day. Alternatively, you can drink 3 cups of its tea thrice a day. Do not exceed 10 days as the safety of taking it long-term is yet to be established.
  • Strengthen your immunity against infections by taking plenty of nutrients, especially Vitamin C through natural sources like Lime, Lemon, Guava, Amla, Oranges.
  • Drink peppermint tea. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.
  • Get plenty of quality sleep. It positively affects your physical and mental health and performance. Besides, it improves your immunity. The benefits of good sleep cannot be underestimated.
  • Your eating habits should focus on improving your immunity. This will not only weaken the herpes virus or any other microorganism but will also prevent further outbreaks. Your everyday diet should consist of vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, and milk. Get your protein supply from eggs, poultry, and meat. Fish will give you your omega-fatty acids requirement.

Natural local applications

There are some natural remedies that work well as local applications to heal the herpes sore. They will help dry out lesions and relieve itching.

  • Apply an ice pack covered with a clean soft cloth to the ulcerated area twice a day. Do not place ice directly on the skin.
  • After cleaning and drying the affected area, apply Aloe Vera gel to it. This can stay for the whole day.
  • Apply baking soda on the cleaned and dried affected part, using different cotton balls each time you soak in it.
  • Similarly, you can apply cornstarch.
  • Mix equal parts of linseed oil and lime juice, and apply on the cleaned and dried affected part.
  • Research indicates that garlic has antiviral properties against both HSV1 and HSV2. Crush one clove of garlic and mix it with olive oil to dilute. You can apply this mixture to a sore up to three times per day.

Since herpes is with you lifelong, you may have to resort to natural treatment for herpes a number of times in life. Treating herpes with allopathic medicines does have its benefits but it also produces side effects. This is where these natural cures have an advantage in that, the side effects are almost nonexistent.