Natural remedies for hemorrhoids are effective and especially useful during pregnancy and other cases where hemorrhoidectomy (surgery for hemorrhoids) may be contraindicated.

Hemorrhoids (better known as piles) are swollen veins in the lower part of your rectum and anus, engorged with blood. There are various causes why you develop this condition and the symptoms can cause discomfort.

Treatment can be conservative or surgical where required. However, if you suffer from hemorrhoids, you should also consider these natural cures, which you can try yourself at home. They are effective and simple to use.

They become more relevant for hemorrhoids developed during pregnancy and after birth, since there is a limitation for medicine intake during this period.

Symptoms vary with the type of hemorrhoids you have. You can have external or internal hemorrhoids and both make you very uncomfortable because of the pain, itching, and passing of blood through the stools.

At times, the condition goes away on its own, but it can persist and in some cases, the conservative treatment also fails and you may require surgery.

Correct your diet and lifestyle

However, besides correcting your lifestyle and diet, there are some home remedies that can help.

But, before you start looking for a natural cure, you must address the cause that may have given you this condition.

For example,

  • If you suffer from constipation, get it treated.
  • Change over to a high fiber foods
  • Maintain good toilet hygiene
  • If you are obese, lose weight
  • If your job involves long hours of sitting or standing, take periodic breaks.
  • If you have an abdominal pathology that obstructs either of your iliac veins, get it treated.
  • If you have a family tendency or advancing age, both high-risk factors, then you should seriously consider adopting these natural home remedies for hemorrhoids.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids

These are some of the most effective and time-proven natural remedies that will help with cure and give you relief from the symptoms.

  • Sitz baths. If you suffer from painful hemorrhoids, your doctor will recommend that you sit in warm water for 15 minutes several times a day especially after you have evacuated your bowels. It will relax your anal sphincter and give relief from any discomfort you may have. The bath is a small bowl that fits right over your toilet seat and is a convenient way to soak and soothe the hemorrhoid area. It will help ease the pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids
  • White radish. Mix about 100 mg of grated white radish with one teaspoon of raw honey and consume it twice a day. You should prefer raw honey over commercially available honey because commercially available honey is produced by processing the raw honey and in this process, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, present in raw honey are lost to a great extent. Alternately, add a pinch of salt to half a cup of white radish juice and drink it twice a day. How it helps: White radish contains fiber and enzymes, which help in digestion and proper evacuation of the intestines. It is a good detox agent and will also help you to lose weight if you are overweight or obese.
  • Java plum. This fruit has a season of about 3 months. Eat a few of these with a pinch of salt twice a day during the season. How it helps: They contain compounds that help in proper digestion.
  • Dry figs. Wash 3 to 4 dry figs and soak them in water overnight. Eat them in the morning on an empty stomach and drink the water in which they have been soaked. Continue this for a month. How it helps: It has a high fiber content thereby helping bowel function and promoting weight loss.
  • Bitter gourd leaves. Mix three teaspoons of bitter gourd leaves’ juice extract with a glass of buttermilk in the morning and drink it on an empty stomach. How it helps: It acts as a natural laxative due to its high cellulose content. Apply the paste of bitter gourd plant root on the hemorrhoids to obtain relief from symptoms. This gives excellent results.
  • Ginger. Mix one teaspoon of ginger juice with one teaspoon each of raw honey, fresh lime juice, and fresh mint juice, and drink it daily. How it helps: Ginger is a good carminative (relieves intestinal gas). It is an intestinal spasmolytic, thereby smoothening and relaxing the intestinal tract. It also contains anti-inflammatory compounds, which will control the inflamed hemorrhoids.
  • Turnip leaves. Drink about 100 ml juice of turnip leaf extract daily. How it helps: It helps digestion. Its high fiber content helps in the proper evacuation of the bowels. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect on hemorrhoids.
  • Red onions. Mix grated onions with sugar to taste and eat twice a day. You can even have this with your meals. How it helps: Onions contain compounds that have an anti-inflammatory effect on hemorrhoids.
  • Mango seeds. Dry the mango seeds indoors without exposure to sunlight. Crush them to form a powder and store them at room temperature. Eat two teaspoons of dried mango seed powder with a little honey, twice a day. How it helps: Mango seeds stimulate the production of certain enzymes in the body, which help in lowering body fat and reducing weight. They also have a high iron content, which helps to cure anemia caused due to loss of blood in hemorrhoids.

Natural remedies for local application

Some natural remedies work well as local applicants.

  • Witch hazel in liquid form can be applied directly over the hemorrhoids. This will give relief due to its anti-inflammatory action.
  • Pure aloe vera gel can also be applied locally
  • Add Epsom salts to the warm water in the sitz bath
  • Apply Ice packs to the anal area for 15 minutes. It will relieve inflammation and swelling.
  • Always use loose cotton clothing.